There are many Achievements of Biswarup in Odisha as well as in every platform he proved himself as a great performer(Dancer), who has born to dance.
Some of his achievements in reality show like the famous entertainment show "Boogie Woogie",he was the Runner up in 2009.He was a contestent in "DID Doubles",and had reached in Top 24.

Some of his achievements inside the state show like "Dhoom Machale","1-2- Cha Cha Cha","Dance Dhamaal".He was also a finalist in "Jhoom Odisha Jhoom",where he was the champion.
He was the Judge of of State reality show"Tara Rum Pum",and currently the show "Dance Odisha Dance(senior)".in DID senior,he is the one among the three judges who are the most Talented,Professional in Dance field.

After Lots of his achievements,now he has his own dance academy name "Bipa Dance Academy" in Bhubaneswar.As a professional dance studio, B.I.P.A Dance Studio offers quality instruction to students of varying ages and ability in a friendly and respectful environment.
An Institute named on the Perfectionist Biswarup Mishra, "Man with the Golden steps" , the Man who creates magic in nature in the forms of Different Dance styles.At B.I.P.A Dance Studios , our goal is to provide training and development for all who have a desire to dance.

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Dancing is the poetry of the feet