About BIPA

Welcome to the Magical world of Entertainment and Dance at B.I.P.A(Biswarup Institute for Performing Arts) where we live,eat,sleep and breathe dance.BIPA,Well known for Contemporary Dance by Biswarup.It pushes the Boundries and Bend the Structure of Indigenous n International Dance Styles.B.I.P.A,not only a FB page rather a place which creates you . An Institute of performing arts where we don't only teach dance but we live Dance, We Eat Dance, We sleep Dance & We Breathe Dance.An Institute named on the Perfectionist Biswarup Mishra, "Man with the Golden steps" , the Man who creates magic in nature in the forms of Different Dance styles.At B.I.P.A Dance Studios , our goal is to provide training and development for all who have a desire to dance. Rather than winning we believe in Performing and participating with an attitude of winner.

As a professional dance studio, B.I.P.A Dance Studio offers quality instruction to students of varying ages and ability in a friendly and respectful environment. We offer diversity in dance styles, and provide examinations in all forms.Students have opportunities to perform in our annual recital and local festivals to demonstrate their dance knowledge, skill and artistic expression.This is Just to reiterate their confidence and self development.being the Director and Choreographer of the Institute , we have extremely trained senior instructors also in various forms and as a team we make students ready & all-perfect for life's biggest competitions i.e reality shows like Dance India Dance, India's Got Talent, Just Dance,IDS and other higher level shows through extreme training and workshops.It is our sincere hope that all dancers who enter our studios will be musically, physically and creatively inspired to carry a love of dance with them always. We have students starting from Age of 5 yrs to 35 Years.

Everybody experiences and shares the power of dance and the performing arts and its ability to change the world.Educate the masses through dance. Entertain them with dance performances. Empower them with the ability to learn and earn. Enlighten them with knowledge for the body, mind and soul. Enable them to spread the joy of dance.